The day I met my dad

My mom used to work for as an escort in central London, and after that she became the mistress to a very wealthy man. It was during this time she fell pregnant with me, and as soon as I was born, she gave up escorting for a while. But after about a year, she went back to escorting and I was looked after by my nan who I also suspect used be into escorting. There is little wonder I work for Edgware escorts in


My mom has never told me the name of my dad, but he did give my mom a massive cash contribution as soon as I was born. It was meant to be enough money so that my mom could give up escorting and just look after me. But, as I have told the girls at Edgware escorts, my mum really is a working girl, and I don’t think that she is going to give up working until she is ready to retire.


Up to about a year ago, I used to think about a lot about my dad, and wondered if he would ever make an appearance in my life so to speak. One day when I had finished my shift at Edgware escorts and was on my way home, I felt like someone was watching me. It was a nice summer’s evening, and looking around, I could only see a man sitting on a bench reading a paper. He gave me a quick glance, and I smiled at him. As I did so, his entire face lit up with a big smile. Somehow I felt drawn to him.


At the time I had been working for Edgware escorts for about a year and I was doing okay. Like the other girls at the escort agency in Edgware, I was trying to save as much money as I could to get my own place. My mum did not mind me working for the escort agency, but I still felt that I wanted my own space.


One Saturday morning as I was coming out of our little house, I spotted the same man. Well, at least I was pretty sure that it was him. He was bending down doing rather a bad job out of pretending to be tying his shoe laces. I felt that he wanted to look at me, but he was trying hard not to. The suspense was just too much and I could not take it any longer. I walked up to him, and as soon as I looked in his eyes, I knew that he was my dad. We did not say anything for a little while, but when a tear left his eye in all became a bit too much.  His had lot his wife and did not have any other family, but was not sure that I would want him. I told him I had been missing him all of my life, and that was how I met my dad.  Now we see each other all of the time, and he even as roast dinner with us on a Sunday, and he gave me the deposit to my lovely little flat. And I love it when he sits on the sofa and watches the news. I just sit there and look at him.…