Rustic Boxes

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Antique wood from dilapidated barns, fences, and sheds are used to create these interesting boxes. Assembled using finger joints, the jointed corners are then waxed to create an aged look. Furthermore, the framed panel often comes from the same board each box was created from.

A unique characteristic of these boxes is their horseshoe feet. The shoes are used, and acquired from a friend. They are bent to fit the shape of the box and attached with rusty screws and horseshoe nails.

The lids’ frames are made from walnut, red oak, white oak, maple or other hardwoods saved from other jobs. Complementing hardwood splines are used in the mitered corners for strength and aesthetic appeal. Boxes with drawers include Troy’s unique custom leather accents.

Finally, velvet flocking is applied to the insides for a soft finish.