I am not sure how to describe my relationship with my ex boyfriend. It was a little bit like he had the key to my heart, but forgot to unlock the door. There are some days when I don’t know what happened, but something certainly went wrong. He was one of those guys who was totally okay with me working for outcall escorts, but at the same time, he kept his distance. Most of the time, he did not want to spend anytime around my place, and I always ended up going back to his place after I had finished my London escorts shift.We met at the gym and soon started to get on really well. I was comfortable in his company, and he seemed to like me as well. When I told him about London escorts, he did not flinch an eyelid unlike most of the guys that I meet.

I really did have high hopes for the relationship, and if it carried on like this, I knew that it could be a success. He did so many of the things that a girl appreciates, and most of the girls here at outcall escorts would love to have a guy like him. However, something stood in our way. He was one of these guys who had a complete maternal fixation. It was one of the reasons he wanted to spend so much time at his place all of the time. Like I told my friends at London escorts, his mom had decorated his place and even came around to iron his shirts.

At first I thought it was kind of sweet, but then it started to worry me. Even though he was 28 years old, it was a bit like she still controlled his life.I had met men like that before at London escorts . They seemed to have gone straight from their moms to their wives. It mean that the only feminine picture really they in their minds were of their moms. Most of them had a really hard time to relate to their wives on an intimate level, and I do wonder if that is why they ended up dating London escorts. If you can’t relate to your partner on a personal or intimate level, I think that you risk seeing that partner as a maternal figure. That is often what happened in that kind of relationship. Is that what happened to my boyfriend and me? Looking back at our relationship, I think that is very much what happened. I never really became that person which he could become intimate with on a personal level. Perhaps he thought that I would be different from his other girlfriends because I worked for London escorts, but I guess in the end, he was not able to let go of that mother fixation which he had in the back of his mind. If he would have seen me for a real woman and not a maternal replacement, I am pretty sure that we would still be together today.

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