Jack is my childhood friend, and it is amazing that until now we are best buddies and we share almost everything that goes on in our lives. He is a funny guy, and on top of that, he is also an adventurous man. When I say adventurous I mean he likes to know everything and everyone he meets. Also, he is a researcher, and this makes him travel in many countries to carry out his research also attend various meetings with other researchers worldwide. Some of the states that he has been able to include: India, Japan, China, and African countries like Nigeria and also Egypt. I always wondered why my friend likes to travel all alone until he revealed to me his secret. Jack is a sexual person, and he loves women. He is always ready and willing to have a sexual experience with different women, and he can pay any amount of money to have sex with a woman he likes.

There was this time he traveled in India and saw a local brothel that was offering cheap escorts for one or two night stands. Being the adventurous man that Jack is, he decided to have a taste of an Indian goddess. According to Jack, the beautiful lady was what he expected her to be and much more, she was of average height, slim and in her late 20s. Once the woman got in his hotel room, she immediately stripped off all her clothes and laid on the bed. Well, Jack immediately got aroused for seeing her pointed and massive tits that stared at him. He stood there silently still staring at her.

She stood up and asked him. “Do you need my help daddy?” Jack hesitantly said, “I am all yours mummy.” The Indian lady removed his t-Shirt and started to lick his upper body parts and his sexy abs. She proceeded downwards and removed his boxer where she immediately began to give him a blowjob.
According to Jack, this was the worst blowjob that he has ever had since he could feel the lady’s teeth almost grinding his foreskin. He picked the escort from the ground and carried her to the bed where he started to lick her tits. This was his best moment since he enjoyed it and her soft moans turned him on. He turned her on the other side and spanked her butt where she screamed: “Oh yes daddy.” Jack has never had anal sex, and he felt this was his moment to experience it. He spread the lady’s legs from the back where she gently slid his large cork in her tight butt hole. After fucking her from the butt side, he turned her on the front side where she reached out her bag to get a dildo.

Jack was surprised and at the same time happy because he finally met his match. She pushed him to lie on the bed where she started to play with his but hole. According to Jack, he has never been attracted to gay things, but this act made him want more and more. The Indian goddess was so good in inserting the dildo in his butt hole, and this made his groan due to the pleasure that came with it. She turned him upside down and started to ride his dick gently. Jack could feel his huge dick getting inside of her wet and tight pussy, and he whispered in her ears not to stop. The sex went for about an hour, and they even had more fun in the morning before the woman left at around mid-morning. According to Jack, this was the best adventurous sex he has ever had although the woman was not good at the blowjob part.

Sex With Exotic Escorts During Travels

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